A virtual reality enviourment for sensory integration treatment for children with low functioning Austism Spectrum Disorder

Calma is a therapeutic environment enhanced with VR technology aimed for autistic children suffering from sensory processing disorder. It offers to experience therapeutic sessions through customizable scenes taking place in underwater environment enriched with animations, sounds and music.

What Is Calma - Watch

The Environment

Web-based Control Interface

Allowing for custom tailored treatments.

Sensory stimuli is adjusted to suit each child.

Calma can provide a plathora of stimuli, like us the fish :)
The operator can control the type of objects and their behaviour

A Virtual World

An underwater environment, rich with stimuli.

Full 360 immersion in a VR world

The operator can control the nature of interaction between object like us and the child.
We call it a "Scenario"

Real Time Monitoring

Real time monitoring enables to observe the scene from the child’s perspective.

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us regarding any inquiries about Calma

Oren Ben-Aharon | orenba@hit.ac.il
Dr. Dan Kohen Vaks | mrkohen@hit.ac.il
Tali Malach | talym@hit.ac.il